Burcu Sahin

Burcu Sahin Born: 1993, Sweden Resides in: Rinkeby, Sweden Notable releases: Broderier, 2018 Burcu Sahin received the Swedish award Katapultpriset in 2018 for best fictional debut for her poetry collection ‘Broderier’. ‘Broderier’, which means ’embroidery’, is about the relations between mothers and daughters and experiences with migration. She teaches writing at the ‘Skriverakademiet’ in Stockholm, […]

Aleš Šteger

Aleš Šteger Born: 1973, Yugoslavia (current Slovenia) Bosiddende: Ljubljana, Slovenien Notable releases: Šahovnice ur (Chessboards of Hours), 1995; Kašmir (Kashmir), 1997; Knjiga reči (The Book of Things), 2005; Über dem Himmel unter der Erde (Over the Sky under the Earth), 2019. Aleš Šteger belongs to the generation of writers and poets that began writing and […]

Fiston Mwanza Mujila

Fiston Mwanza Mujila Born: 1981, Congo Resides in: Graz, Østrig Notable releases: Tram 83, 2014. Fiston Mujila received high praises for his debut novel Tram 83 when it was released in 2014. It is a journey for survival through a fictitious postcolonial Congo, where injustice rules but the will to live can’t be broken. The […]

Søren Ulrik Thomsen

Søren Ulrik Thomsen Born: 1956, Kalundborg, Denmark Currently resides in: Copenhagen, Denmark Notable releases: City Slang, 1981; Rystet Spejl, 2011; En hårnål klemt inde bag panelet, 2016.Søren Ulrik Thomsen debuted in the Danish poetry magazine Hvedekorn in 1977, and released his first poetry collection ‘City Slang’ in 1981. His work revolves around life’s existential themes […]

Mette Moestrup

Mette Moestrup Born: 1969, Aarhus  Resides in: Copenhagen, Denmark  Notable releases: Kingsize, 2006; Frit flet (with Naja Marie Aidt og Line Knutzon), 2014; Til den smukkeste, 2019. Mette Moestrup debuted with the poetry collection ‘Tatoveringer’ in 1998. Her works deal with subjects like ethnicity, heritage, gender and sexuality. She holds a degree in comparative literature […]

Peter-Clement Woetmann

Peter-Clement Woetmann Born: 1985, Copenhagen Resides in: Møn, Denmark Notable releases: Mit indre Pompeii, 2010; Bag bakkerne, kysten – en klagesang, 2017. Since his debut ‘Heldigvis er skoven blevet væk’ – ‘Luckily the forest has disappeared’ in 2005, Peter-Clement Woetmann has been increasingly involved in the public debate, including the war in Afghanistan and European […]

Lukas La Cour

Lukas la cour Born: 1993 Resides in: Copenhagen Lukas La Cour is a student at the ‘Forfatterskolen’ in Copenhagen. His poetry covers subjects like psychiatry, illness and love. He is currently working on a record with songs and ballads in Danish called “Det eneste jeg mangler er at miste modet, men i morgen står jeg […]

Juana Adcock

Født: 1982, Mexico Resides in: Scotland Notable releases: Manca, 2014 Juana Adcock’s first poetry collection ‘Manca’ examinates the anatomy of violence in Mexico. It was praised as one of the best poetry collections of the year. Her poems have been published in journals like Magma Poetry, Gutter and Glasgow Review of Books.