Søren Ulrik Thomsen

Born: 1956, Kalundborg, Denmark Currently resides in: Copenhagen, Denmark Notable releases: City Slang, 1981; Rystet Spejl, 2011; En hårnål klemt inde bag panelet, 2016.
Søren Ulrik Thomsen debuted in the Danish poetry magazine Hvedekorn in 1977, and released his first poetry collection ‘City Slang’ in 1981. His work revolves around life’s existential themes such as death, loneliness and the creative urge. His works have undergone a development from the image creating big city poetry of his youth to a reflective cognitive poetry later and finally establishing him as a broad poet for the people through his commemorative poems. He has received numerous awards, including the Søren Gyldendal Award, Emil Aarestrup Medaillen, Modersmålprisen and the Otto Gelsted Award.
Foto: Robin Skjoldborg