Lukas La Cour

Lukas la cour

Born: 1993

Resides in: Copenhagen

Lukas La Cour is a student at the ‘Forfatterskolen’ in Copenhagen. His poetry covers subjects like psychiatry, illness and love. He is currently working on a record with songs and ballads in Danish called “Det eneste jeg mangler er at miste modet, men i morgen står jeg op med hønsene” – “All I’m missing is losing courage, but tomorrow I’ll get up with the hens”. He will be performing songs from the record live at Sommertid Poetry Festival. The record consists of eight songs on violence and tenderness, the raw and the fried, the sorrow that only the language can come close to, and the hope that sounds like a wave washed ashore. Lukas La Cour is only for the faint hearted.